Am I all grown up now?

So, it feels strange writing about myself…but, it’s also quite cathartic.  It’s an unfamiliar feeling…being “grown up”! I mean, I do grown up things all of the time…hold a job, pay the bills, gas the car, buy groceries, be socially responsible and environmentally conscious, don’t stay out partying all night (most of the time)…you know?  Stuff that grown ups do.  but, I have never felt more like a grown up or maybe it’s just the validation of having a “place” in this world where I really feel at home and comfortable and that all the stuff in the past has brought me to this one point….I am, and maybe have always been meant to be, A Photographer.  Yes, I intentionally said “A Photographer”  capitalized because it feels right and it feels SO GOOD!

To me, being A Photographer is a thing…a noun, something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not that I am suddenly going to become stuffy and serious…heck no!!  but, I don’t say it casually or with reckless abandon because I have worked very hard to get to this point with blood, sweat & tears.  Of course, there is more “blood, sweat and tears” to come as the journey is is never-ending road of discovery… but, that is also the nature of doing something you’re passionate about or that you love and it becomes like a  member of your family and you care for it and you nurture it, you fight with it, you shed tears over it, you forgive it and you love it…

So, for now, I am savoring this new stage in my life….validation.  I am going to continue to do what I do and shoot the things that I love and hopefully get a little love back and see where this new road takes me.  Not ready to conquer the world, but I am ready to conquer my fears and inhibitions and sharing my perspective on the world around me and the people and places I am fortunate to share my life and loves with.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

~ by Fortuitous Photography on August 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Am I all grown up now?”

  1. Gosh! I can completely relate – I’m 32 and my photography business is really interfering with the Peter Pan complex that I’ve created for myself! At least you’re writing in your blog – I’m still pretty shy with mine. Congrats!

    • Well said about the “Peter Pan ” complex! Thanks for checking this out so quickly!! we’ll see how long I can maintain the enthusiasm to write…or willingness for that matter. It’s hard to share! 😉

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