Elizabeth & Brett…engaging in Denver, CO @ Moonlight Diner

I was assisting my mentor with her engagement session for Elizbeth and Brett (Kim always lets me get a few shots in for my portfolio and sometimes to use for the client. I get all giddy when I think about it!).  Elizabeth and Brett are such a rocking couple!  I love each of my own wedding photography clients…they are each unique and I really work to make their love and expressions shine through in their sessions.  But, this couple was particularly amazing because they wanted to do something COMPLETELY different for their engagement session.  They must be old soles…because they carried it off with style, finesse, panache (that may seem redundant…but, it’s just too cool and I was able to use a fancy word like “panache” in a sentence. Yay for me!)!  They chose their backdrop….a classic 50’s style diner called the “Moonlight Diner” located in Green Valley Ranch, Colorado right by the Denver International Airport.  Their duds were all of 50’s flair….leopard print, fishnet stockings, fedora hats, tattoos, even cigarettes.  To top it off they had an old 1950 Classic Bel Air and they had the chemistry and personality to pull it off.  What more can I ask for?? oh yeah, and the lighting was GORGEOUS!!

~ by Fortuitous Photography on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth & Brett…engaging in Denver, CO @ Moonlight Diner”

  1. Heather, these are some outstanding photographs! This should be a very happy couple to have such a unique way to look back on that day. Great work.

    • Thanks very much! Yeah, I was lucky to be involved with such a cool shoot! I DEFINITELY want to find more stuff like this to photograph. I mean, all the brides and engagement couple are so fun to work with! but, I would love to have more opportunities for some really crazy, outrageous and unusual stuff. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea actually….

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